Cameron Whitlock is an award-winning freelance photographer and writer from Athens, Ga. A part-time adventurer and full time storyteller, Whitlock earned his press stripes covering sports at a small town newspaper. He founded Whitlock Creative in 2016 as a means to pursue two of his greatest passions – travel and storytelling.

As a Public Relations major at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia, Whitlock picked up a vast array of skills that led him to a successful foray into the media world. He refined those skills while working as a photographer and reporter, while studying video production and graphic design in his free time.

Today, Whitlock is a jack-of-all-trades media mercenary. Whether he’s working on a story for a magazine, helping a non-profit fundraising campaign or simply taking a family portrait – he aims for all of his work to tell a vivid and engaging story, no matter the client or the platform.

A True Family Business

“Whitlock Creative Agency is a true family business. We do work with outside contractors now and then. But for the most part, when you hire Whitlock Creative, you’re working directly with ME – Cameron Whitlock. I only enlist the best help – including my wonderfully talented wife Dasha. Otherwise, I’ll dedicate my time to meet the needs of each and every customer.”

Flexible 100%
Dependable 100%
Dedicated 100%
Original 100%